Track & Trace Training

Level 3 / Difficult / 16 days

Track & Trace techniques are taught by specialists in the field.

All themes will be approached to track a man or a game following the traces left: the information and the study of the profiles sought, the preparation of the routes, the choice of the materials adapted to the type of tracking, the observation, the detection, Interpretation ... but also patience and determination, knowledge, initiative, self-control and re-evaluation of your instinct, necessary and essential ingredients to a good tracking.

Why track & trace?
The use of tracking and tracing is diverse, you can use it to search for one or more people lost, an aircraft crash or even track a fugitive or even an animal. Each case is different, the information is then used with methodology. In each case, its equipment, its means to provide any care or a possible defense, etc. Tracking is also about evaluating the scenario with its non-conforming cases, and it does not stop when the person or persons are found, but only when they are safe. You will then learn how to evacuate these people and in the jungle, how to make a hosting area or a raft; How to approach a fugitive, control and bring him/her back?

We provide technical answers to all these questions during our "Track and Trace " training: you will be the tracked one and the tracker, the scenery and the back of the scenery in order to master this art.

Objective :

At the end of this course, you will be able to manage a track to find one or more lost people and organize their extraction.

How Long :

14 days without air transport (16 days in total)), however you can extend the stay before and / or after the course (please contact us for more information).

Who can do it ?

It is a level 3 stage, difficult, which requires hardiness (do not be afraid, it will happen well and in good humor!).

  • Designed for motivated and passionate men and women
  • Accessible to anyone with no medical contraindications
  • Requires the regular practice of a sport

Prerequesites :
  • Medical certificate of fitness in the jungle (same as for combat sports)
  • Up-to-date vaccination records
  • Be 45 years of age or older
  • Do not have medical contraindications

Our pedagogy? Patience and efficiency!
What will I do and learn ?

You will go through a preparatory phase with a complete study of a research file with theme: What equipment for this tracking? Study of the field, psychology of the research, etc.

Immersion without delay will be done with an apprenticeship and a practice of the procedures of the tracking: a real tracking in application on a person (subject: crash, fugitive etc)

Then, we will put you in the skin of the track and you will learn the techniques of counter-tracking (techniques of the special jungle units): For a good tracker one must have been tracked many times, it allows to put oneself in the spirit of Escape and ask the right questions.

Tracking also means healing and / or controlling the tracked and evacuating it with the different methods inherent in the jungle.

Our modules :
The list is not complete, for the protection of our knowledge.
    Specific to jungle life :
  • General information on the jungle environment (instructions, dangers, etc.)
  • Equipment, food (tracker methods: light and fast)
  • Different bivouac techniques
  • Crossings and navigation (zip-line, etc.)
    Specific to tracking :
  • Topography
  • The basics of tracking
  • Counter Tracking
  • Methodology
  • Psychology of survival
  • Jungle observation methods
  • The distress signals
  • Research Processes
  • Approach and control the person sought
  • Extraction methods
  • Jungle First Aid
    Specific Tracker Safety :
  • Camouflage
  • Methods of deception (the art of blurring and sowing the aggressor (s))
  • Tactical bivouacs
  • Tactical movements
Finally, your final synthesis, lasting more or less 4 days, will aim for a real tracking on a person or people lost in the jungle:
  • Taking into account and study of the mission file
  • Preparing your track
  • Approach, management of the hunted person
  • Safe Extraction
You will be alone (followed from afar by the safety instructors)

What validation for my training?

Your training is validated by a diploma "Tracking and Counter Tracking Jungle" at the end of the course with other surprises ...

What equipment should I have?

No worries for this, we will send you a list of effects very well designed when you register; Advice and sites will be provided (1 month before the beginning of the course).

Your Coaching :

We are 1, 2 or 3 qualified trainers, permanently with the trainees *. A fusion of know-how at your disposal:

Yann *, 19 years in the airborne troops including 15 as a survival trainer, aggregation and commando, Chief in a special jungle unit (CRAJ) forest and jungle became his second home, transmitting special forces techniques to Evolve and live is his passion.

Or and
MIGUEL, "white indian", jungle instructor and Selva resident for 20 years, having traveled from El Salvador (guerrilla, 4 years) to Honduras, passing through Belize for example, In Panama for 8 years now.

And Niévé an Indian tracker hunter of the EMBERA tribes for Panama and a local "man of the woods" selected by us for training courses in Micronesia and Madagascar.

*may vary per training

Where is it taking place?

It will take place in Panama, near Portobello.
There's a beautiful school there, with a primitive jungle and a secondary one at the boder of the national park of CHAGRES. There may be also sessions in Micronesia, Guyana and Madagascar.
The day-to-day program is not disclosed here for reasons of protection of our know-how both in the course of the program and in the techniques disclosed.

Warning :
This stage, very specific, is not open to "mythos", people in evil of the army; Extremists on all sides, he has nothing military, mercenary, he has everything "passion of the jungle", to evolve in our green lung in all tranquility, with means diverted from the army certainly, but Demilitarized equipment and techniques.
From 10 to 16 days, 3 modules, from 1 to 3 instructors permanently / Prices are for 1 trainee, they are decreasing from 2 trainees.

Module A / 10 days: USD 1950 incl VAT
1 instructor with basic methods

Module B / 12 days: USD 2950 incl VAT
2 instructors, basic and ancestral methods (Indian Embera)

Module C / 16 days: decreasing price
3 instructors, basic methods, ancestral (Embera Indian), and Special Forces
  • 1 trainee : USD 6272 net
  • 2 trainees : USD 3742 net/person
  • Up to 7 trainees : USD 2112 net/person
Price includes:
  • Food and accommodation
  • Transportation on site
  • Quality training by 1 to 3 qualified instructors depending on the chosen module
Price does NOT include:
  • Insurance (about €20 )
  • Return flights
  • Specific jungle equipment
Can I extend my stay ?

Yes, as many days as you want, it allows you to enjoy the jungle school in peace: it will cost you USD 45 / day, including meals.
Or in an "Ecolodge" (with monkeys that come in your arms): USD 85 night + Breakfast.
Learn more and book

Contact-us to book your dates for the next scheduled course or dates of your choice.

This course is a la carte: date and duration of your choice! (Apart from our scheduled courses on the calendar)