Survival Treks

Easy to Difficult / 10 days

Another way to discover the jungle is to travel far from the beaten path and tourist sites. We propose you innovative treks because they are all for scientific, biological or historical purpose.

To count the batrachians, to establish the periods of reproduction of the macaws, to determine the territory of monkeys, to find the route of the path Del Rey, the trail of the conquistadors..etc. All our expeditions are listed and grouped in the biodiversity archives.

Accompanied and trained, you will literally plunge into the magic of this bewitching Universe.

FINALLY ! A dream that can be realized: A true Expedition / Training in the middle of the jungle, in total immersion outside the layons, where man has never committed the irreparable, making you a privileged trekker. It is the discovery of the primary and secondary forest: the tropical jungle.

WHAT TO BETTER than to move in the jungle accompanied and to reach places previously unspoiled by the human hand, to progress from bivouac in bivouac, rivers in cascade To trace the traces, to go up to reach the habitat of the Animals endemic to the jungle ... So many techniques that you will be taught, and that you will implement.

Objective :
At the end of this course, thanks to your acquired skills, you will be able to prepare, organize and evolve alone or with others in all the tropical forests of this world, with all serenity.

How Long :

It is 10 days without air transport (ie 12 days in total). You can however change the duration: : contact us.

Who can do it ?

It is designed for motivated and passionate men and women.

Prerequesites :
  • Medical certificate of fitness in the jungle (same as for combat sports)
  • Up-to-date vaccination records
  • Be at least 50 years of age
  • Do not have medical contraindications

Our pedagogy? Who dare win !
What will I do and learn?
Training on equipment, topo, bivouacs, fires, fishing / hunting, drying / smoking, layering, plants (edible) and other surprises that you will implement as the trek. Our goal: your autonomy in the jungle.

3 phases:
  • Acclimatization / Preparation / immersion in JUNGLE
  • RAID / Knowledge Acquisition
  • Recovery
  • General information on the jungle environment (instructions, dangers, etc.)
  • Equipment, Food
  • Preparation and study of itinerary
  • Different bivouac techniques
  • Franchises and navigation (raft of fortune, etc.)
  • Construction of shelters, fire techniques, cooking and smoking / drying meat
  • Methods of observation
  • Hunting and fishing methods (night and day)
  • Sowing, fruits and vegetables jungle
  • Discovery trails
  • Individual group management
What validation for my training?
Your training is validated by a RAID SURVIE JUNGLE diploma at the end of the course with other surprises.

What equipment should I have?
No worries for this, we will send you a list of effects very well designed when you register; Advice and sites will be provided (1 month before the beginning of the course).

Your Coaching :
We are 2 qualified trainers, permanently with trainees *, a fusion of know-how at your disposal:

Yann *, 19 years in the airborne troops including 15 as a survival trainer, aggregation and commando, Chief in a special jungle unit (CRAJ) forest and jungle became his second home, transmitting special forces techniques to Evolve and live is his passion.

Or and

MIGUEL, "white indian", jungle instructor and Selva resident for 20 years, having traveled from El Salvador (guerrilla, 4 years) to Honduras, passing through Belize for example, In Panama for 8 years now. And Niévé an Indian tracker hunter of the EMBERA tribes for Panama and a local "man of the woods" selected by us for training courses in Micronesia and Madagascar.

* If RAID organized in Micronesia or Madagascar
This program is protected to preserve highly specialized techniques and ancestral knowledge. It is given for information only because of climatic, organizational, group level; It can be modified. Each day is punctuated by a pdj, lunch and dinner organized by the team or the trainees.

Recovery at TOCUMEN airport in Panama city *. Overnight at the hotel (Panama city) with Miguel.

* If in Panama

  • PDJ
  • Travel to the jungle base (approximately 2h30)
  • Installation
  • Lunch (jungle products only)
  • Course:
  • Cours :
      1. equipment (bag and man organization)
      2. the dangers of the forest (Animals, trees, insects)
      3. Study of the route, preparation of topo maps (individually, special forces methods)
      4. Perception of food kits (FS methods)
  • Preparation of bags
  • Snacks / Meals
  • Night at the JUNGLE school
First day as an example, the rest is a surprise
  • PDJ
  • Departure and immersion in jungle: straight to the first bivouac shelter zone
  • Teaching on how to make your bivouac (hammock, tarpaulin ..) safely
  • Fishing and learning of "hawk" fishing methods
  • Fire and shelter fire
  • Meals and night
SELVA, Trek courses, practices and surprises ...

SELVA, Trek courses, practices and surprises ...

SELVA, Trek courses, practices and surprises ...

SELVA, Trek courses, practices and surprises ...

SELVA, according to the endurance of the group possibility of setting up a camp in order to be able to radiate around ...

SELVA, Trek courses, practices and surprises ...

SELVA, Trek courses, practices and surprises ...

DAY 10
Jungle School and Recovery.

DAY 11
BACK to the Airport.
Our training is adaptable at will (duration, number of trainee, sites, thematic). The standard module is, 1 and a half consecutive weeks, 10 days:
  • Single or couple: USD 1950 net / Person
  • For a group of 3: USD 1800 net / person
  • For a group of 5: USD 1495 net / Person
  • For a group from 7: USD 1300 net / person
Price Includes :
  • Food and accommodation
  • Transportation on site
  • Quality training by 1 qualified instructor and 2 from a group of 7 trainees
  • Recovery Phase (Embera Indian Village)
Price does NOT include:
  • Insurance (about €20 )
  • Roundtrip flights (about €800 )
  • Specific jungle equipment (about €100 )
Can I extend my stay ?
Yes, as many days as you want, it allows you to enjoy the jungle school in peace: it will cost you USD 45 / day, including meals. Or in an "Ecolodge" (with monkeys that come in your arms): USD 85 night + Breakfast.
Learn more and book

Contact-us to book your dates for the next scheduled course or dates of your choice.

This course is a la carte: date and duration of your choice! (Apart from our scheduled courses on the calendar)