JAGUAR Suvival Training

Specificity of the course in 2015: mission "RESCO"

Learning life, survival and jungle combat rescue techniques "RESCO" as you have never experienced. You will be in the shoes of a RESCO team in a zone of armed conflict. Internship reserved for units and finally open to civilians!


A pilot on a mission for the benefit of an NGO has just crashed in the jungle: we have an approximate coordinate of his distress beacon: We have to find him as quickly as we are in an area controlled by the local guerrilla.

Geopolitical situation:

For 23 years now, the Independent Revolutionary Front (FRI) has controlled the Colon-Darien area in the form of political and armed actions. Their funding is obtained in part by kidnapping; You will evolve thus in a zone with risks.

Your mission :
  • Locate the crash area
  • Recover the ultra confidential file "ESPERANDOS"
  • Find the parachuted pilot in the jungle
  • Evacuating the pilot
Level 3 / Difficult / 16 Days

Level 3 is the survival course par excellence: It is the tiny border between exercise and reality. The JAGUAR course is extremely complete in the know-how. 4 instructors, each in his specialty, will teach you their survival skills:
  • 1 instructor for jungle special forces techniques,
  • 1 instructor for the techniques used by the guerrillas of El Salvador,
  • 1 instructor for ancestral techniques and finally,
  • 1 instructor for jungle first aid / traditional pharmacopoeia.
15 days of learning and practice with and without equipment ... including 4 very realistic survival: Treks, Topography, first aid in the middle, not forgetting all the techniques to shelter, to feed or to move in rafts, canoes and more.

Objective :

At the end of this course, thanks to your skills, you will be able to evolve alone or with others in all tropical forests of this world, and at worst manage accidental survival in all tranquility, whatever the different environments (desert, jungle, Sea, etc.), or the worst situations.

How Long :

It is 16 days without air transport (18 days in total).

Who can do it ?

Due to its technical nature and its difficulty, we reserve this course to:
  • All specialized units: police, gendarmerie, army
  • All sports groups or teams
  • All associations adventure / trek / raid
  • And to all our trainees selected by us in the course Level 2 "Moderate"

Prerequesite :
  • Medical certificate of fitness in the jungle (same as for combat sports)
  • Up-to-date vaccination records
  • Be 45 years of age or older
  • Do not have medical contraindications
  • The internship can be postponed if we do not have 5 trainees minimum

Our pedagogy? Being and During.
What will I do and learn ?

Commando techniques, special forces techniques etc. Are words that can frighten but reassure you, we have removed the military side of the course: Do not expect to be on your guard with a color pickup in the morning or a fighter course: NO! It will not be with us: We are only turned on nature and live there ..

The team concocted a program of 80 hours of courses and 72 hours of restitution (survival 3 to 4 days) demilitarized. It will emerge only the pure "juice" techniques whose effectiveness is more to demonstrate. Good mood, conviviality, spirit of cohesion, team spirit will be the red thread of this course.

This is the first time such methods have been accessible by civilians, hence the exclusivity of our training courses! The Jungle team has decided to give you the chance to discover this SELVA, which is so little known, with large pedagogical means (pirogue, helicopter, 4x4, horse, etc.) in the simplest, most instructive and fun way Phases:
  • Acclimatization / immersion in JUNGLE
  • Acquisition of know-how with restitutionsv
  • Final synthesis with a real situation of survival
  • Recovery
  • The jungle environment (instructions, dangers etc.)
  • Equipment, Food
  • Specific nodes
  • Different bivouac techniques
  • Crossings and navigation (raft of fortune, canoe, zip-line, etc.)
  • Construction of shelters, fire techniques, cooking and smoking / drying meat
  • Methods of observation and research (traces, layons, lost people, etc.)
  • Methods of hunting and fishing of fortune (night and day)
  • Study and use of rifle cal 12 (according to local legislation)
  • Topography
  • Operational first aid (jungle, bio medication, survival, sutures)
  • Psychology of survival
  • Discovery trail
  • Individual and group management
And many more surprises.

* Teaching aids used according to themes

What validation for my training?

Your training is validated by a SURVIVAL JUNGLE "JAGUAR" diploma at the end of the course with other surprises.

What equipment should I have?

No worries for this, we will send you a list of effects very well designed when you register; Advice and sites will be provided (1 month before the beginning of the course).

Your Coaching :

4 qualified trainers, permanently with the trainees, from the elite units of the middle of the Jungle: Ex Jungle Research and Action Commandos, guerrillas, track hunters of Indian descent and nursing specialist in the field, and are graduates of major schools of combat and survival in Jungle (Belize, Ecuador).

Learn more about our trainers

Where is it taking place?

In Panama, Central America. Your training takes place at the jungle school located in Chagres National Park, in the territory of the EMBERA Indians (their village is 50m next to our school). There may be sessions in Micronesia and Madagascar.
This program is protected to preserve highly specialized techniques and ancestral knowledge. It is given for information only because of climatic, organizational, group level; It can be modified. Each day is punctuated by a pdj, lunch and dinner organized by the team or the trainees.

Air transport
Flight and arrival, transfer by minibus to the training venue, installation at the school. Traditional welcome drink, dinner and presentation of the region and its forest.

School of jungle.
You will learn to equip and perceive your specific equipment, preparation of maps and explanation of group management (every day, a trainee will pass element leader), security. Meal.
Overnight at school.

School Jungle-Immersion.
Canoe trip: jungle immersion, small trek punctuated by courses, installation in carbet in the jungle.

Jungle carbet - depth of the jungle.
Trek-discovery in total immersion accompanied by the sound background and the odors of the equatorial forest. Learning about the installation of his bivouac, discovering and making tools of fortune necessary for survival. Know how to wash in a creek, know the risks.

Depth of the jungle.
On site, you will learn to make shelters yourself. Thanks to the methods of Central America, you will be able to make fire in the jungle. The tracker will make you discover how to detect the type and the number of game by traces and sounds. Your day ends with the acquisition of special forces methods to guide you.

Depth of the jungle.
Putting into practice the orientation knowledge during the trek. First approach to the health needs in the jungle according to the endemic diseases and their appropriate plant treatments, ancestral bio medication. Discovery of the nodes useful at all crossings. You will eventually understand the different methods of catching game and fish.

Depth of the jungle.
During a fun and discovery trek, you must bring the team to the bivouac point of the evening. Each break will be an opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the medical treatments of the forest. At the bivouac, you will learn how to shelter yourself thanks to ancestral know-how.
Surprise and night.

Depth of the jungle.
You will make your own bread from makeshift ovens, then you will plunge into the atmosphere of hunting in the expert hands of the Hunter-Tracker. It will teach you how to melt into vegetation thanks to camouflage methods (smell, visual, traces and noises). Finally your day will end with the construction of raft which will be very useful for the sequel.

Depth of the jungle.
Discover the mangroves and creeks by makeshift means using currents, use specific conservation methods (meat and fish), and then come the methods of observation and research in a confined environment. The first part of the night will be spent with the hunter-tracker to discover the awakening and life of the fauna, the second to sleep.

Depth of the jungle.
The day begins with a realistic orientation exercise until you arrive in front of a creek that you will cross by zip line and / or cable car. As for the afternoon, you will discover the caliber 12, and you will test on an innovative and safe shooting range.

DAY 10
Depth of the jungle.
The day will begin with the "stress of the survivor": learn how to manage this extreme situation, thanks to feedback. Afterwards, the cohesion course in the mangrove will put you in the mood, followed by playful and collective trials.

DAYS 11-12-13-14
Implementation of a theme, real survival, with restitution of know - how, all under discreet supervision of the team. RECOVERY PHASE.

DAY 15
Depth of the jungle-Carbet.
Canoe trip to the local village.
Evening relaxation and graduation.

DAY 16
Visit of the region.
Travel by minibus to the different tourist sites of the region (the sites will be visited according to the period).
Overnight in Hotel **, including meals, twin room.

DAY 17
Air transport.
Return to Paris by flight.

The "recovery phase" content is for information purposes only, subject to availability.
18 consecutive days: USD 3900 net (excluding flights)

Price includes:
  • 4 qualified trainers
  • Foodv
  • Housing
  • Important teaching methods
  • Activities "Regional discovery - recovery"
Price does NOT include:
  • Compulsory insurance (repatriation)
  • Return flight
  • Additional costs (souvenirs etc.)
  • Specific equipment (You are advised and oriented)
Can I extend my stay ?

Yes, as many days as you want, it allows you to enjoy the jungle school in peace: it will cost you USD 45 / day, including meals. Or in an "Ecolodge" (with monkeys that come in your arms): USD 85 night + breakfast.
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This course is a la carte: date and duration of your choice! (Apart from our scheduled courses on the calendar)