OCELOT Suvival Training

Level 2 / Easy to Moderate / 14 days

You have there a rewarding training of level 2, a memorable experience It is a immersion of 14 days, an apprenticeship interspersed with treks with and without equipments ... of which 2 of real survival putting forward the restitution of the know-how: one Delicious mix of survival techniques guerrillas (few materials) and ancestral Indians to: shelter, feed or to move in rafts, canoes (depending on the place) and much more.

Objective :

Acquire all the technical knowledge allowing you to live quietly in jungle with and without equipment. This training is an excellent way to discover a country, a region in all serenity.

How Long :

It is 14 days without the air transport (16 days in total). However, you can extend your stay before and / or after the course (please contact us for more information).

Who can do it ?

It is an accessible course, allowing you a very beautiful immersion and an excellent training. We put ourselves at your level:
  • It is designed for motivated and passionate men and women
  • It is necessary to practice a sport regularly

Prerequesite :
  • Medical certificate of fitness in the jungle as for combat sports
  • Up-to-date vaccination records
  • Be at least 50 years of age
  • Do not have any other medical indications
  • The internship can be canceled if we do not have 2 trainees minimum

Our pedagogy? At the speed of the last.
What will I do and learn ?

This is the first time that such methods are accessible by civilians, hence the exclusivity of our training courses! Yann and / or Miguel then Niévé have decided to give you the chance to discover this SELVA finally so little known, in the simplest, instructive and fun way in 4 phases:
  • Preparation
  • Immersion / learning
  • Real situation
  • Recovery / sightseeing
14 days with a displacement of zone in bivouac zone where will be given courses and refunds, and this, with a technical level whose quality is to be demonstrated.

These are 80 hours of learning and restitutions divided into modules such as:
  • The jungle environment (instructions, dangers etc.)
  • Equipment, Food
  • Different bivouac techniques
  • Crossings and navigation (raft of fortune, Tyrolean etc.)
  • Construction of shelters, fire techniques, cooking and smoking / drying of meat
  • Methods of observation (traces, layons, etc.)
  • Hunting and fishing methods (night and day)
  • Fruits and vegetables jungle
  • Methods for sowing in jungle
  • Discovery trail
  • Individual and group management
  • Real situation
And many more surprises.

What validation for my training?

Your training is validated by a SURVIE JUNGLE "OCELOT" diploma at the end of the course with other surprises.

What equipment should I have?

No worries, we will send you a list of effects very well designed during your registration, advice and sites will be provided (1 month before the beginning of the course).

Your Coaching :

We are 2 qualified trainers, permanently with trainees *, a fusion of know-how at your disposal:

Yann, 19 years in the airborne troops including 15 as a survival trainer, warcraft and commando, Chief in a special jungle unit (CRAJ) forest and jungle have become his second home, transmit the techniques of special forces to evolve And to live is his passion.

Or and

MIGUEL, "white indian", jungle instructor and Selva resident for 20 years, having traveled from El Salvador (guerrilla, 4 years) to Honduras, passing through Belize for example, In Panama for 8 years now. And Niévé * an Indian tracker hunter of the EMBERA tribes for Panama and a local "man of the woods" selected by us for training courses in Micronesia and Madagascar.

* From 3 trainees

Where is it taking place?

In Panama, Central America.
Your training takes place at the jungle school located in the National Park Chagres, within the territory of the Indians EMBERA (their village is 50m next to our school). There may be sessions in Micronesia and Madagascar.
This program is protected to preserve highly specialized techniques and ancestral knowledge). It is given for information only because of climatic, organizational, group level; It can be modified. Each day is punctuated by a pdj, lunch and dinner organized by the team or the trainees.

Air transport
Flight and arrival, transfer by minibus to the hotel, installation, presentation and dinner.

Transport (2h30) to the school at the edge of the Jungle, installation. Traditional welcome drink, dinner and presentation of the region and its forest. Overnight at Jungle School.

You will learn to equip and perceive your specific equipment then we will educate you on the fauna and the flora. Preparation of the route with a goal to be reached. Overnight at Jungle School.

Carbet at the edge of the Jungle. Trek-discovery in total immersion accompanied by the sound background and the odors of the tropical forest. Learning about the installation of his bivouac, discovering and making tools of fortune necessary for survival and how to wash in a creek. Night in the jungle.

Carbet - Depth of the jungle. Trek-discovery in immersion until the place of training, installation in bivouac, jungle hygiene. Night in the jungle.

Depth of the jungle. Radiance around the base camp, without bags for: makeshift tools, tracks, stretcher and other courses. Night in the jungle.

Depth of the jungle. Shelters of fortune, how to make a fire as well as other Surprise courses. Night in the jungle.

Depth of the jungle. Shelters of fortune, fishing techniques and other courses, you will make tortillas on the embers. Night in the jungle.

Depth of the jungle. Techniques of crossings with application and other courses. Night in the jungle.

Depth of the jungle. Sowing in jungle, fruits and vegetables, observation methods. Night in the jungle.

DAY 10-11-13
Setting up a theme with real survival: restitution of the know-how, to you to play !! The whole under discreet surveillance of the team. Night in the jungle.

DAY 13
Carbet at the edge of the Jungle. Transfer to local village, dance and Indian breakfast EMBERA * (for Panama). Evening relaxation and graduation. Overnight at Jungle School.

*Subject to availability.

DAY 14
Visit of the region. Travel by minibus to the different tourist sites of the region (the sites will be visited according to the period). Overnight in Hotel, including meals, twin room.

DAY 15
Air transport. Return to Paris by flight.
14 consecutive days: USD 2700 net (excluding flights)

Price includes:
  • 2 qualified trainers (2nd from 3 trainees)
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Important teaching methods
  • Activities "Regional discovery - recovery"
Price does NOT include:
  • Compulsory insurance (repatriation)
  • Return flight (or on request)
  • Additional costs (souvenirs etc.)
  • Specific equipment (You are advised and oriented)
Can I extend my stay ?

Yes, as many days as you want, it allows you to enjoy the jungle school in peace: it will cost you USD 45 / day, including meals. Or in an "Ecolodge" (with monkeys that come in your arms) to get you closer to the tourist spots, it will cost you $ 85 / night + breakfast.
Learn more and book

Contact-us to book your dates for the next scheduled course or dates of your choice.

This course is a la carte: date and duration of your choice! (Apart from our scheduled courses on the calendar)