TOUCAN Suvival Training

Level 1 / Easy / 6 days

6-day training course supervised by Miguel, "the white Indian", to dive into the essential techniques of jungle life! Treks, waterfalls, creeks, fauna and flora, learning about life, survival with materials: a superb experience in this paradisiacal environment: who will believe you? To immerse yourself in this green paradise and to live there serenely is the goal of this bewitching and exotic immersion.

This "TOUCAN" workshop was born of the necessity for the women of the jungle commandos (CRAJ) to live the "same experiences" as their husbands on the ground, in order to understand their daily life. Since then, the public has expanded and pluralized thanks to our jungle school. He goes from simple tourists to works councils. The aim of this course is to discover this wonderful environment, through the trek: Learning to evolve, to live in a unique context, to recharge its batteries in positive waves, to rediscover its instincts.

Objective :
  • Learning basic techniques to jungle life.
  • Reaching majestic places in primary forest (mini-expedition / learning)
  • Allow small children to discover the jungle.
How Long :
This internship lasts 6 days without flights (and extensible to wish!), During which are orchestrated each module essential to this environment.

Who can do it ?

It is a very accessible course, allowing you a very nice first immersion: we put ourselves at your level. It is designed for motivated and passionate men and women.

Prerequesite :
  • Medical certificate of fitness in the jungle
  • Up-to-date vaccination records
  • Do not have any other medical indications

Our pedagogy? At the speed of the last.
What will I do and learn ?
Our instructor shows the example, you do with him and you will apply alone, 40 hours of courses and renditions with a real situation:
  • General information on the jungle environment (instructions, dangers, etc.)
  • Hygiene
  • Equipment, Food
  • Bivouac techniques
  • Crossings (Tyrolean)
  • Construction of fire shelters, fire techniques
  • Methods of observation
  • Topography (the fundamentals, initiation to the specific jungle topography)
  • The fauna, the flora
  • And many more surprises ...
What validation for my training?
Your training is validated by a SURVIE JUNGLE diploma at the end of the course with other surprises

What equipment should I have?
No worries, we will send you a list of effects very well designed during your registration, advice and sites will be provided (1 month before the beginning of the course). We provide you with all the specific jungle material (hammock, touque, tarpaulin, cutlery, cutting cut).

Your Coaching :
Your trainer is none other than Miguel, L'indien blanc. As a pedagogue, he will share his passion for the environment, and thanks to his experience, every detail of this flora and fauna will be explained to you. Footprints of animals to their habits; From lying to natural trails; From carbet to wild bivouac in the jungle. Thus the total immersion in this green paradise will surprise you by its multiple facets!

Where is it taking place?
In Panama, Central America: Your training takes place at the jungle school located in the National Park Chagres, within the territory of the Indians EMBERA (their village is 50m next to our school). There can be sessions in Malaysia and Madagascar.
This program is given for information only because of climatic, organizational, group-level reasons; It can be modified. Each day is punctuated by a pdj, lunch and dinner organized by the team or the trainees.

Flight to Panama. Upon arrival, transfer by vehicle to the training venue. Traditional welcome drink, tropical dinner and presentation of the Region and its forest. Overnight at the cottage (see the cottage).

Immersion in the jungle. You will learn to equip and perceive your specific equipment. Jungle trip and immersion, a small trek punctuated by courses, learning about the installation of its bivouac, hygiene, fire and night.

Depth of the jungle.
Trek-discovery in total immersion accompanied by the sound background and the odors of the tropical forest. Different courses, such as, nodes, topography, observation, tasting. Creek crossings etc. Night.

Depth of the jungle.
On site, you will learn how to make shelters yourself (fire shelters, smoking room). Thanks to the methods of Central America, you will be able to make fire in the jungle. Miguel will make you discover how to detect the type and the number of game by traces and sounds. Your day will end with the restoration of the different methods acquired. Night.

Depth of the jungle - Gte.
Putting into practice the orientation knowledge during the trek. A progressive return towards the base will be made in the form of restitution: you will orientate, cross the coves under the watchful eye of Miguel. Night.


Arrival at Jungle School, reconditioning and deserved rest. Good meals simmered by Janeth and night on site.

Air transport. We accompany you to the airport, a return with lots of images, sounds and smells in the head: you will come back !!!
6 Days: USD 880 net (excluding flights)

The price includes:
  • Training (1 qualified trainer)
  • Food
  • Housing
The price does NOT include:
  • Les assurances obligatoires (Rapatriement)
  • Compulsory insurance (repatriation)
  • Return flight (or on request)
  • Facilities (You are advised and oriented)
  • Additional costs (souvenirs etc.)
  • Accommodation before and / or after the course (about US $ 45 / day, including meals, contact us to book).
Can I extend my stay ?
Yes, as many days as you want, it allows you to enjoy the jungle school in peace: it will cost you USD 45 / day, including meals. Or in an "Ecolodge" (with monkeys that come in your arms) to get you closer to the tourist spots, it will cost you $ 85 / night + breakfast.
Learn more and book

Contact-us to book your dates for the next scheduled course or dates of your choice.

This course is a la carte: date and duration of your choice! (Apart from our scheduled courses on the calendar)