The Partners of Survie Jungle


First Aid trainings with CIBPF-ASIE
International Professional Bodyguard and Training Company

Bodyguard training company, located in Vietnam. SURVIE JUNGLE is a partner and organizes their First Aid training courses.
Equipment with AZIMUT NATURE
Outdoor equipment Specialist

136 Espace Commercial du Fourneillier
Route Departementale 568
13220 Châteauneuf les Martigues

Jérôme is the manager of the AZIMUT NATURE store, he will provide you the jungle kits (tested and validated by us) necessary for your training. Specialist in life and survival equipment in all environments, he will be your best advisor. Jérôme graduated from the jungle survival course "TOUCAN".

Email: Jérô
Operational First Aid withTEAM PROMETHEE
Rescue and Operational First Aid
Training, advice, assistance.

Consolidate your achievements, optimize your skills. IN ALL TIMES, IN ALL PLACES, YOU are the first link in the RELIEF chain. Aware of the new needs in the field of first aid, you want to consolidate your achievements and optimize your skills, TEAM PROMETHEE offers its solutions tailored and adapted to your environment.
Extreme with Eric Salem - TAKEOPS et KRAVMAGA
Special forces courses adapted to civilians supervised by professionals specialized in the fields of shooting, combat sports, close protection, exfiltration.

Our goal is to take you in a controlled way in the special universe of special intervention units to share the meaning of cohesion, unknown, adrenaline and adventure. Imagine being the group leader or the indispensable part of an indivisible team that will have to fulfill extraordinary missions.

Eric SALEM is a former member of the gendarmerie special forces (EPIGN / GIGN). Through his 12 years of experience as an operational and then trainer for 4 years in various fields such as close protection, shooting, crossing, combat sports and especially the Krav-Maga, he supervises internships in Optimal safety conditions while pushing you within your limits.

Photography with l'agence Clin D'Oeil
Photos, Fashion, Illustration, Industrial, Press-Book and Portrait.

Bernard is a professional photographer and director of the agency d'oeil, a pole of skills in the areas of photography, audiovisual, multimedia, visual identity and training. He is your advisor and trainer in the "Jungle Photo" courses and will allow you to realize your dream. Bernard graduated from the jungle survival course "OCELOT".

Professional Survival Corporation
A school according to the natural environment you wish to discover

PIERRE Christophe.
Former legionnaire, trained in extreme conditions.
Providing commando courses to learn the techniques of self control and survival in hostile environment. How to move and orientate yourself in forest, desert and jungle areas. Involved in various humanitarian missions as security consultant.