The trainers of the Survie Jungle School

The notoriety and safety of our internships lie in the experience and qualifications of the trainers.

19 years of career in the paratroop units, Yann qualified as a Commando instructor, commando commander at the CRAJ (Commandos of Research and Action in Jungle) in Guyana; He was a graduate of the Jungle Warfar Instructor Course at the Belize Jungle School and decorated with the Forest Scout Forest Scout (CRAJ).

He is fighting for the animal cause in Congo Brazzaville: Instructor in anti-poaching. It is also First Aid Monitor, Climbing and BNSSA. In addition he was the creator of the "pre - Guyana" course validated by the army, destined for the units departing for this department.

Pedagogue and leader of group, it will make you discover the jungle in the good mood, and will translate the echoes of this magical environment. It will transmit you the techniques of evolution and survival in jungle of the special forces.

Having started her career as a cardiac resuscitation nurse, Eve has been involved in emergency medicine within the Civil Security and has also been a professional firefighter nurse.

Trained in techniques of specialized care and first aid in the jungle and in hostile environments, she served as a health support to the Commandos of Research and Action in Jungle on the Guyanese department, it is decorated with the insignia scout forest Echelon Bronze (CRAJ ). She is a female survival consultant for the TV show "The Island" by M6.

After obtaining the "SELVA" certificate in Ecuador, she oriented herself in the traditional jungle pharmacopoeia, coaching and learning of these methods for jungle survival.

Miguel found his balance thanks to the jungle, 20 years ago. Since then he has been in the jungle of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Chiapas in Mexico.

In Panama for 8 years, Miguel lives in jungle, this green paradise that he venerates more than anything. We found there the "white Indian" whose knowledge is no doubt !!

Humble and passionate, this man with a big heart has given himself a motto: to share knowledge to better protect this green jewel. We are still surprised that his devouring passion for the jungle did not turn him into a jaguar at night.

Miguel will supervise you in the jungle courses of Central America (Panama): titled SURVIE JUNGLE TOUCAN and OCELOT

Tatav is the jungle scout of the Guiana session.

Of Brazilian origin, he spent 15 years as hunter / tracker of the Commandos of Research and Action in Jungle: he is the holder of the ancestral knowledge of Jungle life. It is decorated with the Gold Scout Forest Scout badge (CRAJ).

Local Indian, recruited according to the regions of the course, he will transmit to you the techniques of life, hunting and fishing; The daily for him. These ancestral methods will be transmitted to you in good humor: He will be delighted to introduce you to his house, his universe: La selva.

Nievé is the technician of survival without materials in Panama ...

And many other Indians still to recruit for your greatest happiness!