The Spirit of the School Survie Jungle

Our spirit is like that of the Jaguar, the emblem of our school: discretion, efficiency and example.

Discretion is a necessity to be accepted by the "selva", it takes humility and our first duty is to transmit to you this moral code.

Effeciency is our duty to you, trainees: efficiency through pedagogy, techniques taught but also in your restitution of know - how.

Finally, the example ; An instructor must be an example for his student at all levels.

We adapt to people, groups: we go at your speed.

The spirit of the training course has absolutely nothing military. We went to the right atmosphere while tackling the techniques of life and evolution in the SELVA. We are only focused on the nature and the way of living there. The military character of our courses is found only:
  • In the equipment (the strongest, most suitable and the most reliable currently on the market)
  • In the techniques (proven and constantly improved in reality and in practice for half a century)
  • In our specialty courses for special units