The location of the school Survie Jungle

The jungle survival school is located in Panama, Central America on the edge of the national park CHAGRES in the domain of the Embera Indians, about fifteen kilometers from Portobello.

The school is at the edge of the jungle, in this place you are in a small paradise: bananas, pineapples, plantain, cocoa rivers, yams and a multitude of medicinal trees. You are at the gates of the fauna too: opossum, howler monkeys, hummingbirds, macaws, mountain toucans, armadillos and many others.

The school overlooks a beautiful river and is surrounded on one side by Miguel's horses and on the other by the jungle.

Visit our jungle school in video, a paradise that overlooks the canopy

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Your installation

The school is made up of several carbets each having their own use: sanitary, kitchen, dining room, place of relaxation with hammocks.

You are accommodated in small carbet, with bed and mosquito net.