First Aid Training

Technical / Easy to Difficult / Duration 9 to 15 Days

The Medic in Isolated Environments (MMI) is a new concept that is off the beaten track: the MMI is a cocktail of knowing how to make first aid, knowledge of pharmacopoeia and "medical" practice with makeshift means in extreme conditions or In remote areas such as the jungle or the conflict zones.

This course is aimed at all individuals or professionals who visit or work in so-called "hostile and / or remote" areas: simple tourist, NGOs, journalists, contractors, close protection, humanitarian staff, para medical and medical.

Objective :

This personalized course takes into account the environment and the conditions in which you will evolve: isolated zone, zone of conflict, in team or alone. It is based on a finding that no person without training or means can face a "non-compliant" case of first aid in a hostile environment. Thus Operational First Aid is a race for survival. It is inconceivable to evolve in conflict zone without a minimum of knowledge useful to your survival or that of your binomial / unit / group.

The MMI internship will allow you to understand each situation at its true value, essential to avoid a cascade of human errors. You will be the centerpiece of your own survival and that of others in hostile areas.

At the end of this course, you will be able to: evaluate, sort, bring first aid, organize a chain of rescue until the evacuation of one or more victims.

How Long :

A duration of 9 to 15 days depending on the skills and targets of the trainees. After studying your project, the locations, backgrounds and conditions in which you will evolve, we will establish a program adapted to your needs.

Who can do it ?

  • Journalists, industrialists, NGOs, Protection armed or not, humanitarian personnel, to the hikers
  • This course is open to anyone with no medical contraindications
  • It is necessary to practice a sport regularly

Prerequisites :
  • Medical certificate of fitness in the jungle (idem for combat sports)
  • Up-to-date vaccination records
  • Do not have a medical contraindication
  • Holding the PSC1

Our pedagogy? Reactivity and efficiency!
What will I do and learn ?

Supervised by ex-soldiers of the Special Forces, a first aid instructor and a resuscitative nurse, this course will take place in three phases (according to requests):
  • At the beginning of the internship, you will review the standardized gestures that save, and then be able to manage the disproportion between means and needs
  • Thereafter you will be able to compose a first aid kit personal or collective adapted to your environment of evolution. Also able to evacuate wounded in hostile environments (under fire, mined, smoky grounds etc.) as well as to manage the wounds, sutures, traumas and pathologies specific to these situations
  • Finally, you will be immersed in a realistic synthesis and without appeal

The modules studied according to the specialties:

Each of the modules studied comes straight from the RETEX (Experimental Reports) of the armies most initiated and involved in the various current conflicts.
  • Basic First Aid
  • International Legislation
  • Bale wounds
  • Crush and blast syndrome
  • Bone injuries
  • Evacuation of casualties under fire (TAI techniques, Immediate Action Techniques)
  • Sorting and balance sheet
  • Research methods, topography
  • EVASAN by helicopter and human chain
  • EVASAN Message
  • Stretchers
  • Hygiene in isolated environments
  • Pathologies of hostile environments, care with means of fortune
  • Extraction of wounded from a building, vehicle and other
  • Managing stress in conflict zones, managing a group psychological debriefing
  • Perfuser / inject
  • Sutures
  • Know how to constitute the individual and collective health kits according to the environment
  • Realistic concrete cases on the ground
  • Individual, team and team work

The techniques :

All our techniques evolve with the latest RETEX from IRAQ, MALI and AFGHANISTAN.
  • Taking into account and study of the mission file
  • Preparing your mission
  • Anticipation / Response / First Aid Management
  • Safe Extraction
You will be alone (followed from afar by the safety instructors).

What validation for my training?

Your training is validated by an First Aid diploma at the end of the programme.

What equipment should I have?

No worries for this, we will send you a list of effects very well designed when you register; Advice and sites will be provided (1 month before the beginning of the course).

Your Coaching :

You will be supervised by ex-military SF, an emergency nurse and Civil Security.
We are 1, 2 or 3 qualified trainers, permanently with the trainees.

The teaching materials include PowerPoint, make-up, practically real-life applications (reproduction of the environments and situations you will be confronted with.

Where is it taking place?

It takes place in Panama, near Portobello.
In our jungle school with its primary and secondary forest, on the edge of the national park CHAGRES.

There may be sessions in Panama, Guyana, Asia and Madagascar.
The day-to-day program is not disclosed here for reasons of protection of our know-how both in the course of the program and in the techniques disclosed.
Please contact us. The prices are for 1 trainee and according to the program la carte, with 1 to 3 instructors permanently for a duration of 9 to 15 days.

The price includes:
  • Food and accommodation
  • Transportation on site
  • Quality training by 1 to 3 qualified instructors depending on the chosen module
The price does NOT include:
  • Insurance (about 20 )
  • Return flights
  • Specific jungle equipment
Can I extend my stay ?

Yes, as many days as you like, this allows you to enjoy the jungle school in peace: it will cost you USD 45 / day, meals included.
Learn more and book

Contact-us to book your dates for the next scheduled course or dates of your choice.

This course is a la carte: dates and duration of your choice! (Apart from our scheduled courses on the calendar)