Army Special Forces Trainings

We offer trainings dedicated to any military or Police officers from the European Community. They can be adapted to your special needs and requests.

Examples of trainings provided :

  • RESCUE training (for Army pilots and civilians)
  • Life-saving training
  • Reconnaissance and/or combat patrol training in the jungle
  • Survival advanced individual training
  • Intensive Immediate Action Techniques (TAI)
For other areas of interest, please contact us.

The Benefits :

Between the open air paths and confined spaces of the jungle, you will live intense hours with our school which will provide you great learnings and foundation for your future commitments.
Leaders and officers will learn a lot from their troops and from themselves. Our program will be one of the biggest moments.

Because we provide quality training, you will be particularly pleased with the way our instructors lead the programs. Thanks to our coaching, you will be able to assess your future trainings based on experienced methods and experience feedback (RETEX) at all levels of command.

You will test your strengths, wether in combat or in a patrol, and it will be the opportumity to practice your new skills. Many of you have sent us letters to confirm that your new skills are efficient. Many of you also have demonstrated your enthusiasm and come back with other fellows for more experiences together. Your instincts combined with our jungle techniques will provide you a solid and essential formation.

JAGUAR must remain a dangerous animal.
Our expertise

Our team comes from SWAT units and is specialized in the Jungle environment :
  • Ex officer in a Jungle research and action command unit and instructor in Forest within a command unit
  • Ex-guerilleros (combatted 4 years in Salvador)
  • Hunter and tracker native from Indian of America
All our team members are certified from various military jungle schools in Central and South America.
Learn more and book

Contact-us now to book your dates for the training or program of your choice.

This training is a la carte and on request : you choose you dates and terms!