International Center for Anti Poaching Training CIFAB

Today the unity of French special forces (Commandos jungle / CRAJ) is the only Western unity in the world to make of the fight against traffickers, and illegal poaching throughout the year in the Amazon

Jungle commandos anti poaching

Team members The Jungle Survival nature lovers as they experience daily, "we see on our expeditions and courses around the world, the enormous negative impact of man on the environment"

A sad reality we have decided to fight CIFAB creating the International Center for Anti Poaching Training.

Training on anti-poaching measures are created there, and issued in countries and applicants parks by our specialists.

Ex Jungle Commando, highly qualified trainers:

The team of the Anti Poaching Unit is comprised of former officers from the Jungle Commandos (Commando Research and Action in Jungle, CRAJ), all graduates of different fighting schools in this medium among other seasoned and intelligence, research and action ... more than 20 years of experience in training and missions.

The team:

  • Instructor, former leader of a commando CRAJ
  • Instructor, former head of the commando team CRAJ
  • Instructor, ex tracker scout CRAJ of Indian origin (equivalent of the famous Gurkas)
  • canine instructor (optional)
An exclusive expertise at your disposal, the "French Touch"

A cocktail of technical and tactical expertise, we have evolved with experience: formidable efficiency recognized in equity by jungle commandos on traffickers in the Amazon for example.

Our train the young recruit to the complete restructuring of Ranger patrols / eco-guard.

As a protective measure of our technical knowledge (poachers and unscrupulous), we do not disclose here all of our modules or our procedures for designing a training ..

Training usually takes place in 4 phases
  • The selection
  • The preparation "mind / discipline / Facilities"
  • Immersion Learning
  • Synthesis
You'll find the civilians modules:
  • The animal world and Awareness
  • Autonomy life and survival
  • security
  • Aid management and operational stress
  • crossing
  • Topography
And modules "operational procedures"
  • The information (forward / reverse)
  • Records (missions, information and reporting)
  • The techniques of immediate actions (moving / defensive)
  • Tracking and tracking against
  • The technological means (transportation and drones)
  • Shooting generation and response procedures
  • Transmission
Quality and economy: tailored training

At your request, we apply a simple procedure in 3 stages to establish a customized training program for your eco-guards units:
  • A first said sub questionnaire form in our contact
  • An audit on the spot (about 1 week) with full delivery report
  • A proposed service with a customized program, with a request for resources, personnel etc.
  • The courses are organized in the requesting country
  • 3 instructors for 30 trainees
  • The equipment, infrastructure and logistics are yours and will be ordered on site
  • No translator (slowing the progress), the training in French or in English
"Intelligence, research and action are 3 key components to the success of an operation, whether anti-type gold panning, anti drug trafficker or anti poaching"
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