A La Carte Trainings

Your needs are different, therefore we provide you customized solutions for your projects :

Personal or Professional Projects

Wether you are Scientist, journalist, NGOs, contractor, with a professional project in a tropical or equatorial environment, we offer you a customized training : all you need to know in terms of equipment , understand the sources of danger , how to heal and live in the jungle or hostile and isolated environment.

As for a personal project, wether you are in the footsteps of Mike HORN in Amazonia or you wish to discover through the rainforest of Madagascar other regions, you can get a customized training on-demand.

Group of Friends and Trekking Club

You wish to have a traning or a program on the theme of your choice, on particular dates, in a group with just your friends or with club members, we will answer your expectations with our on-demand services.

With Your Family

Our level 1 " Toucan " program will be proposed to you: short walks and a playful pedagogy to respect the pace of your children. Fishing, shelter, fire : a stunning and customized experience for the whole family is at your fingertips.

Companies and Team Building

As part of your Human Resources management policy, we can offer a program in jungle suvival on demand.

This training is based on the discovery of a so-called hostile environment but actually accessible to the greatest number. It reveals each individual his/her own abilities. Humility, adaptability, responsiveness, accountability, team spirit are all essential qualities as much in a "hostile"envirnonment as our modern economic world.

Thi experience is offered as a cohesive factor, helping decision-making and is open to all men and women , associates and executives.

Survival and First Aid proven techniques from the best jungle military schools will be taught by experienced instructors and in optimal safety conditions.

While the pedagogy combines experience in a friendly atmosphere, trainees will accomplish clearly defined objectives.

This unique program is the first one in Europe and is flexible, tailored to your needs.

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These trainings and programs are flexible, you can choose your dates and terms.