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Will you dare a unique experience of a survival training in the jungle, supervised by highly qualified professionals?
Survie jungle : we offer trainings and courses to all levels
   Catch up the full episode from "The
   Island" on survival techniques with
   Eve MASSART here.
   Documentary about an anti-poaching
   mission with Survie Jungle
   2017 SURVIVAL COACH course
   Finally be able to create and manage your
   own Survival structure ... September 2017!
   Visit our jungle school in video,
   Real paradise overlooking the canopy.
Our goal: your total autonomy in any tropical or equatorial forest.

A team of passionate professionals will supervise you and will make you discover all the techniques necessary for the survival in jungle.
Ecole de survie
The techniques necessary for survival in the jungle. The extreme is our job and we offer different formulas adapted to your level that will teach you how to shelter, to overcome the obstacles, to feed and to move and the basics of first aid in a hostile environment.

Heavenly decorations, learning or perfecting your techniques of survival or first aid in a hostile environment, ultra realistic situations: we will make you live an unforgettable adventure.

Join our school and our team of experts in the depths of the jungle and get ready for a total immersion.